New Year, New Pay Band

Jan 9, 2024

The following article is taken from Getting to Staff, a weekly newsletter from Thinksy's CTO Eden Ghirmai.

What’s stopping you from getting promoted this year?

Getting promoted at most mid to large tech companies is admittedly simple, but not easy.

Here are 3 things you need to start planning today to get you there in 2024:

1. Know your career ladder like the back of your hand

If you want to quickly get to staff, you need to knock out almost all the categories in your career ladder at the staff level.

When crossing things off, also compare it to the senior level career ladder. Often the wording is very similar between the two, ensure you notice the difference between staff and senior for that section.

So, start by making an Excel sheet of all the things in this section and fill them out this year! Work with your manager to find projects that will let you fill things out one by one.

2. Ask your manager if you’re on the right track

Most managers aren’t going to push you to get promoted quickly. At most companies senior is considered the terminal level, meaning they have no incentive to get you promoted.

At least once a month during your 1:1s with your manager, make sure to discuss career development. You can even mark your monthly meetings to specifically discuss your career progression.

3. Consistently update your brag doc

I’ve talked about this before and it still rings true. But if you’re like most people you’ll forget about it after two entries.

Some ideas on how to stay consistent:

  • Add a calendar event for updating your doc every week

  • Give yourself a reward whenever updating the doc (chocolate, lunch takeout, etc)

  • Have a buddy also trying to get promoted keep you accountable, you can share docs or even share a private channel together

  • Reach out and find a mentor outside of your pillar/organization to meet with regularly for accountability/advice

If you have any questions about your special promotion case, reply to this newsletter! I would love to help.

Happy New Year!

Eden xx

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